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We are a renowned European distributor of lab equipments, scientific instruments, process analyzers, material test machines in the field of chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, biotech, environmental etc. Industries & university, research institute since 1976. Base on our 30years experience we designs & manufactures the most advanced inert glove box & laboratory equipments in Taiwan. Beside our owned products we also supply wide range high quality lab collections that made in local. We are your on line source of full range of lab equipments with competitive price & sales support. Our products are including inert glove box, lab fermentors, optical tables, growth chamber, lab equipments, oven, water bath, cooler, furnace, aspirator, balance. hot plate, magnetic stirrer , DC stirrer, homogenizer, electronic desiccators, heating mantle, freeze dryer, biotech lab equipments ,autoclave, orbital shaking incubator, temperature gradient incubator, hybridization oven, colony counter, orbital water bath ,pH meter, conductivity meter, DO2 meter, digital thermometer, melting point apparatus, refractometer, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, Lux meter, sound level meter, thermohydrometer, thermohydrograph, thermohydro panel,O2 generator,N2 generator,O3 generator, air dryer, environmental test chamber, HDT tester, resin Gel time tester, resin flow test oven,& many others. We also accept custom design order of inert glove box & pilot experiment equipments for chemical engineering or OEM order. We are dedicated to excellence & innovation all of our products & will offer high quality products & competitive price with fast shipping & best service. Our products will tested & inspected before deliver. We also provide one years warranty for our sale products.


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