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Picture Product Name / Model Overview
BH-24 SeriesBio-Hazard Safety Cabinet BH-24 SeriesBio-Hazard Safety Cabinet
AC-1000 SeriesAutoclave for clinic AC-1000 SeriesAutoclave for clinic
S-105Tier Shaker S-105Tier Shaker
S-102/ 103Orbital Shaker S-102/ 103Orbital Shaker
S-101 Bench Top Orbital Shaker S-101 Bench Top Orbital Shaker
RS-101 Rocking Shaker RS-101 Rocking Shaker
T-900Temperature Controller T-900Temperature Controller
B-700 SeriesOrbital Shaking Bath B-700 SeriesOrbital Shaking Bath
B-604Hot Shaker B-604Hot Shaker
B-600 SeriesReciprocal Shaker B-600 SeriesReciprocal Shaker
B-400 SeriesWater Circilator B-400 SeriesWater Circilator
HC-100 SeriesImmersion Cooler HC-100 SeriesImmersion Cooler
DB SeriesDry Bath DB SeriesDry Bath
HL 360 SeriesHorizontal Autoclave HL 360 SeriesHorizontal Autoclave
HL 380 SeriesHorizontal Autoclave HL 380 SeriesHorizontal Autoclave
370Colony Counter 370Colony Counter
HL 350 Series Autoclave HL 350 Series Autoclave
LN2 Series Dewar LN2 Series Dewar
R SeriesRotary Evaporator R SeriesRotary Evaporator
GC SeriesLab  Fermentor GC SeriesLab Fermentor
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